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This month I am inspired by Junk Mail. :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Love at first sight: Layout inspired by greeting card

The Inspiration:

How I was inspired:

Color Combination: I really liked the color combination of the greeting card, so I knew I would use that on my page. The only yellow paper I could find was about 4 years old, and certainly not "hip" at all, but it worked for my purposes.

Design: The design wasn't too difficult to translate into a layout, either. I liked the flower and the ribbon on the card very much. I actually had the exact same ribbon (also very old) in my stash, so I pulled it out and used it. I loved that the flower used both hot pink and pastel pink and also had hints of the green leaves, so I went with that, as well.

Typography: I found a font similar to the "My beautiful Wife" and used it for part of my title. (Font is called "Inspiration"--Fitting, no?).

The End Result: (Couldn't scan it straight to save my life)

How does it inspire you?


Hilary said...

I like the bold use of color. I could most likely be inspired by this....

ashleywilkinsonneves said...

Queen Karana said...

I really like this layout. Quite beautiful. Good job!