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This month I am inspired by Junk Mail. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Why we love: Layout inspired by music

The inspiration:

How I was inspired:

Design: I liked the simple design, so I incorporated the entire square CD cover into the larger design of my rectangular layout.

Color Combination: I love doing these inspiration challenges because it forces me to look for paper and embellishments I might not otherwise use. I found some patterned paper that is pretty old that used the colors on the CD cover. It's always exciting to be able to use old stuff!

Typography: I did my best to mimic the way the little tickets were printed out. It took some major text box usage and since my girls all have different lengths of names, I used the option to expand the text with the shorter names so it still looks uniform.

Topic: The "We all Love Ella" morphed a bit into "Why we Love _________".

The End Result:

How does it inspire you?


ashleywilkinsonneves said...

that is one of THE best layouts i've ever seen.

Colleen said...

Ooooooohhh! Love the idea and your layout is great! Have to see if I can try this!

Deb said...

Could that be any cuter?! Holy cow, girl! You rocked this one!

ashleywilkinsonneves said...

lacey said...

I love this Lara!! Your layout has now inspired me more than the cd cover!!! ;) I'm hoping to have mine posted tomorrow! Great job!

queendeni said...

Wow!! I loveeeeeee this layout Lara!! Could you get any better my dear?

Lisa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. :o)

Your layout turned out great!This has given me an idea for my son's album.

Lisa :o)