Monthly Inspiration

This month I am inspired by Junk Mail. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Artist: Layout inspired by Art (how apropo!)

The inspiration:

How I was inspired:

Design: Loved the blocks of color and the black strips running through the piece.

Color Combo: Speaks for itself

Typography: Loved the random letters included in the some of them were turned upside down, so I incorporated that into my title.

The End Result:


Hilary said...

LOVE that color combo -- very gender-neutral. Maybe I'll have to try it.
After I clean. :)

Lei said...

That's really fun Lara! I love what you did. I'm not a big scrapper, but you *might* be interested to know that I do fonts. In Sept and Oct, 2 of my fonts will be available for free at You should stop by. ;)

Deb said...

Holy cuteness! I think this is my FAVORITE! Just incredible! Hmmmm. . .should I scrapbook tonight? (It's either that or read one of my 3 new books. . .although sleep would be good too!!!)