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This month I am inspired by Junk Mail. :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Weekly Inspiration

Note for July: I will be on vacation a lot this month and so will not be using a guest designer. I will still be posting inspiration but you will probably see a few less layouts from me. Have fun anyway, and still link up your projects because I'd love to see them!

The two websites I chose for this week have similar designs for their logos, but I loved them. You can be inspired by the logos posted here or go to the actual websites and be inspired by the products for sale or other aspects of the website. I actually recommend you go to the actual websites because there is so much more inspiration for you than I could ever post here!

Link to Shabby Apple website

Link to Ann Wood handmade website

1 comment:

Hilary said...

I love shabby apple... sadly, I need them to make a new website for fatty apples. :) I don't think their stuff will fit me as of yet.