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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Baby: Layout inspired by greeting card

The inspiration:

How I was inspired:

Design: I really liked the swirls on the stripes. That was my favorite thing about this greeting card, so I wanted to use that. I knew I wanted it to be for the "title page" of Sophia's baby album, so I found this old American Crafts paper that had stripes on it and used some Fancy Pants chipboard swirls to duplicate the look. Still simple enough for the title page/hospital picture type layout, yet it adds a little something special to the page.

Color Combo: The burgundy and white combo seemed so elegant that I decided to keep with the simple combination of colors instead of adding something else into the mix. Of course, mine is pink and white, but again, I think it works well with the type of layout this is intended to be.

The End Result:

How does it inspire you?


Hilary said...

Perfect title page for ms. Sophia's album. Look how small she is!!!!!!

Deb said...

Love the stripes with the swirls - my brain is thinking, thinking. . .

Amy said...

I did a LO based on this card. I think the pattern on the card reminded me of this BG pp, for some reason. This is unusual for me because I usually scrap 12x12, but I'm trying to do more rectangles. . . Anyway, here it is. Thanks for the inspiration!

ashleywilkinsonneves said...