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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Play time: Guest designer layout inspired by greeting card

The inspiration:

How she was inspired:

Design: Notice that she wasn't necessarily inspired by the design as a whole, but rather smaller elements of the card's design. The blue shelf like thing under the flowers is translated to a blue ribbon on the bottom of her picture. The purple down the side looked corrugated to her, so she dusted off her old paper crimper and crimped the paper she used to mat the picture. The dots on the flowers inspired her to add dots along some of the borders in her layout. The whimsical nature of the flowers also inspred her to add some fun curves to the side instead of keeping it totally straight like the card does.

Color Combination: She really loved the fun color combination of the card and took a lot of inspiration from that, ending up with a very vivid layout that matches its title well.

Typography: She liked the whimsical font, so she found one that was similar and used it for her journaling.

***as a sidenote, Hilary said she hated this picture but knew she wanted to scrap it. Those types of pictures are often difficult to scrap because you aren't inspired by the picture itself. So it is nice to be able to use outside inspiration to translate it into a wonderful layout like Hilary did here!***

The End Result:

How does it inspire you?


Deb said...

Love the waves on the border and journaling! The colors are so fun together!

ashleywilkinsonneves said...