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This month I am inspired by Junk Mail. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

first grade faves: Layout inspired by music

The inspiration:

How I was inspired:

Design: I absolutely loved the way the picture was tilted on this album cover. So I took that part of the design and used it on my layout.

The End Result:

How does it inspire you?


Hilary said...

LOVING this one -- very cool with the notebook paper type deali-o.

Lacey said...

This is so awesome! You rock Lara!

ashleywilkinsonneves said...

Deb said...

Okay - I'm soooo copying you on this one! Love, love, love it! The colors are just plain yummy! (Don't know if Kenton would like daisies on his page though. . .)

Anne-Marie said...

All of these are really beautiful, but i absolutely LOVE this one with Bria. Really cool!

Kara said...

I really love this idea! What a great way to capture interests and favorites at this stage in her life, too ... in fact, I may use this idea for several pages for each family memeber - a nice slice of time.

Thanks for the inspiration!